On a winter retreat with the campus ministry at my university the students were invitedĀ into a dark room lit only by candles. There were visuals such as a door where you walked through, a cross to nail your sins written on small white pieces of paper, a table to enjoy a feast and a globe to remind us of the great commission. In the middle of the room there was a throne with a crown resting on the cushioned seat. Candles, lots and lots of candles, flickered in the movement of the silent participants. Those of us who endeavored in had to be quiet, shoes off (because we were walking on holy ground) and shyly taking our time. Soft, holy music played in the background and I lingered by the throne. I wanted to throw myself, face down prostrate before the visual but out of embarrassment maybe I just quietly moved on. I wish I could go there again.

I remember that December evening well and now when I head to the feet of Jesus I am eager to linger lavishly on my knees before my Savior, my Creator and my Hope. Twelve years later I have little care of what people think when I am in the presence of my Jesus. I love being there. I have always wanted, longed, strived to be there. I am not always doing the right thing or the appropriate thing but none the less, my heart and my intention are ready and willing.

I am a wife, a mother of two small girls and an artist. I am a nurse for sick critically ill babies through adolescents. I write and I share. I love coffee, coffee shops and a great conversation. I am intentional and I am imperfect. I have struggled with anxiety and answer “yes” to experiencing chronic pain. I have been had seasons of sickness and basic survival and years of thriving and flourishing under challenging situations.

And through it all, in every year I can look back to see the life-giving, mind-renewing, soul -empowering work of Jesus in my life. My journey, the story God is writing for me, is here for the sharing. My heart is to be at the feet of Jesus in all situations and to bring you along with me. Maybe you need to experience Jesus for the first time or be refreshed again after a difficult season. Maybe you are angry and bitter towards Him and you cannot find a way out. Maybe life is good and sweet and you are already present with Jesus. Whatever your situation, wherever you find yourself, let’s sit together at the Savior’s feet. His burden is light, his desire for us is strong and his Word is spoken for us, for here and for now.


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