Resiliency in 2022

Burn Out

Have you had days when getting out of bed is just harder than it used to be? Do you use language like “I need a bottle of wine” when you used to just need one beverage. A work or life experiences replay in the back of your mind, interrupt your sleep with dreams and forgiveness is just so far out of reach.

As a nurse, burnout and resiliency have been key words in my career. Now, more than ever, these words reach every aspect of our lives. Work, home life and not to mention the world around us can all bring about the need for resilience.

In 2022 I am going to pursue the idea of excellence as a catalyst for resiliency. I believe we all crave excellence, not only. in our own lives, but also from the areas of the world we are a part of. I would love to have you join me on this year’s journey of discovering excellence.

Join me as I blog about excellence in resiliency. Check back for the newest blog post!

Burnout doesn’t have to steal your joy. Resiliency doesn’t have to be hours of work either. Learning to adjust your thinking, choosing to forgive where needed and getting up again makes the difference. I’m here to help. Let’s get started.

Resiliency – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

In this past year we have had to relearn to come to the table, to rejoin community and adjust to new mindsets, and dare I say politics. If we are working, we are overworked. If we are hiring, it’s hard to find the right quality of persons to hire. We are tired of the conversations on repeat. The line at the testing sites never seem to slow down and half of our world we only recognize with masks on. How do we rise up to find a life of excellence? Hang out here with me as we journey together to discover how to find it in our own lives.

I get it. As an ICU nurse, a mom, a business owner, a community member and family member life can get a bit rough. I have spent most of my career looking at how to get back up again after a rough shift, rough season or rough anything. Now, more than ever, we need to transition from just enough to excellence. Join me this year, 2022, as I blog about what I have learned through it all.

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