A friend as sweet as pumpkin spice

It is the most beautiful day today. Pumpkin spice cookies (thanks to my new friend Sarah’s recipe) are baking, filling our home with sweetness and fall. I had an amazing photoshoot this morning with a young family. Colors of yellow, green and red filled the background against their blue sweaters. My coffee maker broke this week, and although I have been very dramatic about it, I can still make coffee for Matt and I and savor it with the cookies. The girls are both resting/sleeping…I hesitate to peek for fear Maggie might see me.

Pumpkin spice and October 15th remind me of one of my most treasured friends who is celebrating her birthday today. One of our favorite pastimes is sitting together, enjoying tea or chai, listening to our girls chatter away and munching on something homemade. Her house often smells sweet from a spice candle. Just like her home, she cultivates warmth, openness and real life.

When I moved to Colorado we were slow to become friends. Both adults, we did not want to push one another to be friends. But on one afternoon when we met for coffee I found a soul sister. She is just a quirky and driven as I am. She is athletic and always up for an adventure. We love different things. We love similar things. It was refreshing and sweet.

Since we became friends, we have lived a lot of life. (Maggie is now peaking around the corner, giggling.) She danced with her future husband at our wedding. I did her hair for hers. She moved away and came back again. She and her husband were present with us when we lost our first pregnancy. And then again when we lost our second. We have cried hard over losses and we have celebrated fiercely over the good things. We have prayed for each other during seasons of depression and sleepless nights. We love when our girls play together and look forward to the day my second to be big enough to play with her second (most handsome, blue-eyed boy!). And as sickness overtakes her with another baby on the way we share all-day-sickness, too-tired stories and giggle over baby plans.

She is the kind of friend you dream about having when you are young and thank God for as an adult. I know she is just as sweet a friend to so many. She is just that kind of beautiful glimpse of Jesus to others. And to my soul, she is like sweet pumpkin spice on a fall day.

Happy Birthday, Ally!


Published by Stephanie Trowbridge

Follower of Jesus. Artist. Wife. Mother.

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