Progress…Finding Peace

Day 33-

Eliminating hurry from my life is not arriving in the form I thought it would. Slowing down and being less busy sure seem like wonderful ideas, but I haven’t reached these yet. Sleeping in and having a lovely rest day was in the cards today until my little one woke me up at my normal time of 5 a.m. and my mind was up.

Last night while we were at church it struck me that my heart and my mind have been in a richer state of calm and rest this past week. After my honesty on Monday morning in my blog I have been more peaceful. I have spent more time in God’s Word (listening to the Bible) and running to Jesus before hurrying to our bank balance.

Yesterday was the first time all week I asked myself what was wrong when I started to be heavy-hearted. (See previous blog for context.) Something was amiss, so I went to Jesus about it. I went to him with gratitude for the obvious blessings in our lives. It’s all I could see in the moment. My heart quieted and my mind was not allowed to spiral.

Today may turn out to be different, but my mind and my heart feel less hurried as I begin it. My tasks are plenty on the to-do list, but my soul does not feel rushed. I will keep working on the next right thing to think about, to be grateful for and to continue to process what it means to eliminate hurry from my life.

My goals this week: photograph some stock photos of beautiful things God created to use for my blog. A camera in my hand slows me down and rests my soul.

Have a beautiful, unhurried day.


Published by Stephanie Trowbridge

Follower of Jesus. Artist. Wife. Mother.

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