Productivity Planning

Day 63-

What a week! I started to work less at my traditional job in preparation to start my new job. My soul needs to rest. I also need to pick-up the pace of my photography business. I have far too many goals and ambitions to fit into each home business day. If I am not careful I will become anxious over my to-do list instead of allowing my soul to rest in the midst of creativity and productivity.

I rested yesterday. I spent the day with my birthday girl, who turned 4. Because it was my focus to be with her and to be present, I had near to nothing on my goal list. I ran to her beck and call. I laughed with her and hugged her often. I felt refreshed after making it her day. 

Today I was back at it. The morning was crammed full with tasks on my to-do lists. I maintain to-do lists in my mind for my new job, my business, my side hustle idea and my personal goals. I am well aware that the bullet points on my written to-do list are greater than I can accomplish in a week. I also know I could be quickly overwhelmed and start to worry that I wouldn’t accomplish enough during these two hours without children in the house. 

In order to stave off my overwhelmed mind for as long as possible I divided up my work. For the first hour I decided to focus on my photography business. I caught up on emails and planning only for my business. Once these tasks were complete and I went to the budget. Editing finished up my hour. I worked until everything for my business was complete. The next hour was for my new job. I have deadlines for two certifications I have to complete so I need to be focused. This morning I gave it my all for one hour.

I did get overwhelmed, but not until later. I had left a few home things off my to-do list and when I remembered them in the afternoon I felt anxious thoughts rising. My good friend (like a little sister) was my go-to and she brought me back to God’s plan for my life. I helped me cut off those thoughts, refocus and press on. 

Knowing my soul needs to rest, I need to find tactful ways to rest as well as to be productive. This afternoon I took time to study for a test while I watched a movie with my little one. She is thrilled when I am close by even when she wants to do her own thing. It brings rest to my soul to be near her for such extended amounts of time. 

Intervention: Continue making to-do lists, but schedule the time for each one or groups of them in each category of my life. Once the time or task is up, let it go until next set-time. I know this isn’t realistic every time, but on set-aside days this will be helpful. 

P.S. I grocery shopped online and picked up my order at the store for the first time today too! Life changing? We will see!


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Follower of Jesus. Artist. Wife. Mother.

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