Eating More while Stuck at Home?

Day 81—

We are getting real today! Let’s talk about eating and being at home. 

I know I can be an emotional eater and I know I have food at home for the quarantine period of this season. I also know when my children leave snacks uneaten, I don’t want to waste them. It would be so easy to eat what they eat and then grab a few more of whatever to make it worth my time.

What about you? Do you need to remember to eat when you have a lot going on? Do you eat more or less when you are stuck at home? If we aren’t sick, loosing weight isn’t going to be a thing. Because we are going to be more sedentary while we are at home (unless you have a two-year-old and you have done a good job of keeping devices away from them), are we able to maintain our activity goals?

My neighbor adheres to the step goals recommended for her age. Year round we can often find her walking her dogs late into the evening just to complete her steps. Now, because she won’t go out front, we will begin to see her doing laps in her backyard. She is dedicated. I want to be that dedicated right now.

It would be easier to Netflix binge and check out the latest memes or blogs all day long, but instead, I want to help us decrease our anxiety. Here are a few ideas:

Meal Plan: I have enough food, but I don’t want to my family to get bored. What can I make that is healthy and as fresh as possible for my family? I plan the whole week.

Workout: I follow a great workout/eating program. There are many gym or studios moving their programs to home workouts. Find one or more which can work for you! I am waiting for my weights to arrive, but in the meantime, a full Tide jug works as a Kettlebell or dumbbell. Involve your kids. My girls hung in there for the first 10 minutes of a Barre class the other day. (Mine: Faster Way to Fat Loss)

Rest: No one cares if you do your hair today. Side note: some people might care if you shower. Let yourself sleep in just a little bit more. Use the commute time you normally have to sleep in or go to bed early. Read a book instead of watching whatever. Giggle, laugh, open a window and breath in fresh air. 

Be grateful: We have some amazing people in our lives who are changing history. I have some incredible girlfriends who are running franchises, a city, and classrooms from a distance. I have friends who are working like crazy to take care of other people’s loved ones. Let’s be grateful. Let’s be thankful for what we are doing and that we are able to do it. Let’s be grateful for the rest, or health, or internet connection to stay connected. Wherever you are, be thankful.

So, back to eating. What we put in our mouths today can either help or hinder us for tomorrow! Let’s make the choice today to plan ahead, choose to recognized the emotions we are feeling and choose carefully why we eat, what we eat, and when we eat it. I’m talking to myself here! Give grace where it’s needed and then hold yourself steady for the next meal, the next snack, etc. 

Tip: Drink a whole glass of water before drinking coffee every morning. 

So grateful for you!


Published by Stephanie Trowbridge

Follower of Jesus. Artist. Wife. Mother.

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